Ariogala (Eyrogola) Maps

Sonia and David Hoffman

Ariogala Region 
(this is a modern map and does not show all 18th - 19th century shtetls).

Note the towns within 10 - 20 km (6 - 12 miles) of each other, were within a day's
walk, or a few hours by coach or cart or by boat
, and less by horseback. Any families
living in Ariogala most likely had relatives who lived in the towns shown on this map.
And if your family lived in nearby towns, they probably had relatives who lived in
Ariogala and other nearby shtetls at one time or another.

"Hoyragola" (Ariogala): Grand Magnus Ducatus

Satellite View of Ariogala, NASA

Jewish Cemetery is across the river, almost directly south of Red pin