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Mill - Ariogala Lithuania

Districts and Towns in the GDL Poll-Tax/Census of 1784

This is a list of the districts, provinces, kahals and towns as they are organized in the 1784 documents for the territory that became Lithuania, Belarus, eastern Poland and northern Ukraine. All of the major towns in these areas are listed, but many smaller towns, sub-kahals, villages, taverns and inns that surround or are found within each of these larger towns are not listed. As the towns listed in this inventory are transliterated and translated, they will be identified and added. Ongoing research suggests that there are at least ten smaller places within each of the larger towns on our lists.

This District list is for 18th century political divisions in what is now Lithuania, Belarus, and Poland and portions of northern Ukraine. Additional 18th century documents for districts in the rest of Poland, Ukraine, Galica, Vitebsk, Courland and Latvia are not yet included. Wherever possible the modern names are given first, followed by the 18th century Polish spellings used on the original documents. Contact the Jewish Family History Foundation to offer corrections, to volunteer to coordinate projects to transliterate these lists, or for information and updates on your town.

There is also an alphabetical listing of all of the towns and kahals in all Districts in the census.


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